Our Estrella de Vida Program (EDV) is a transitional living facility
partnered with a day program that teaches independent living,
employment, coping, relapse prevention, conflict resolution skills, and much more! We serve community members aged 18 and up. Recently, we’ve created a partnership with a staffing agency that has successfully facilitated employment opportunities for our members. One member who graduated EDV successfully a month ago secured a remote customer service position. Another member, with a degree in art, landed a job at an art museum, while two others found general labor positions.

Our members are excited and are taking pride in securing these
meaningful employment opportunities. EDV Program Manager,
Amanda Girardot, stated:

This collaboration has proven to be a blessing for our members. It’s a beautiful journey for both members and staff, who are witnessing and encouraging personal and professional growth. We are actively working with more members who express readiness for employment.