Warning Signs of Suicide:

Recurring thoughts of death or suicide
Previous suicide attempt
Drastic changes in behavior
Withdrawal from friends or social activities
Giving away prized possessions
Increased use of alcohol or drugs
Recent significant losses

How to Help:

Be direct and show you care. Say: “I don’t want you to kill yourself”
Ask questions and be willing to listen
Don’t discount or minimize the person’s feelings
Tell others your concern – Don’t keep it a secret
Stay with your friend until you get help. Remove means (guns, pills, etc.)
Call for help – a crisis line, doctor or trained professional

If you have questions or concerns about your safety or the safety of someone else, please call us.

EMPACT 24-hour Crisis Hotline (480) 784-1500 or (800) 273-8255
EMPACT 24-hour Sexual Assault Hotline (480) 736-4949 or (866) 205-5229
Rally Point 24-hour Hotline (Veterans and Military) (855) 725-5948

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